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Special Services

Dangerous Goods

Safe shipping of your dangerous cargo.

As a company, we are strongly committed to safety. Our experienced dangerous goods specialists and customer service agents are here to help with every aspect of the shipping process: from certification and cargo acceptance through to current Dangerous goods regulations. Officials handling the documentation process are IATA DGR certified. They undergo recurrent training to stay updated with changing rules and regulations.

Perishable Goods

Whether it's fruit, vegetables, vaccines, flowers or other food items, our integrated cold chain solution will guarantee freshness and product integrity for all your perishable goods while complying with IATA perishable cargo regulations. 

Whatever your perishable goods, we will cultivate the ideal and optimal environment for the duration of their journey. Rest assured that, upon delivery, your goods will be as fresh as they were when they were handed over to us.


Our expertise is in cold chain logistics:

• Confirmed booking on flights.

• Special handling by trained personnel to retain quality and freshness of goods.

• Short acceptance time and expedited retrieval at the destination.

• Temperature controlled storage facilities

• Real time status updates 

Live Animals

Want to transport your loved pets or live animals anywhere in the world? We will help you do that - smoothly, safely and efficiently! 


Transporting your loved pets or live animals anywhere in the world is always a challenging task. Pets and most live animals are sensitive and need to be handled with utmost care and caution. This is where we at Unica Freight Movers come in. Whether it is arranging for air or sea transportation, clearance, offloading, and transportation to the destination, you can rely upon us to take care of everything. Our team of strong and experienced professionals will take care of every aspect.


All consignments are handled in full compliance with the International Air Transport Association ( IATA ) Live Animal Regulations ( LAR ) and the convention of International Trade in Endangered Species  (CITES)

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We are here to assist you for all your global shipping needs.

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